Saturday, June 12, 2010

Some Updates

Wow, it's been a while. But I've finally had an opportunity to fix the menus on the Field Guide. I use a program called GoLive which incorporates components that can be changed and then automatically copied to all the pages. When I add a new section all the menus have to reflect that. My GoLive crashed and I had to hunt down another copy to load into my computer. This happened last week, and I was able to finally update.

I also uploaded a 13th Anniversary graphic I actually made back in January. I'm sure you'll get the significance, and a little of the humor.

The big update is new images of Apollo 14 in the new display area at the Apollo-Saturn V Center at KSC. This was made last year, but I was unable to get over there until now. I notice I still have some work to do, some broken links, but you can check out the thumbnails.

UPDATE: I was able to fix many of the Apollo 14 links as well as missing images on the BP-30 page this morning. Still have a little work to do before I'm satisfied!

The big news is the return of the Gemini-Titan to KSCVC is imminent. The previous Titan suffered stress damage during the storms of '05, and was further damaged during removal. The remains are located in a storage yard just of KSC's Ransom Road. More on this and the new Titan II is an upcoming post.

Thanks for reading and supporting the Field Guide!