Monday, July 5, 2010

Some Fixes and a Titan Tale

On this fine holiday (observed) I was able to get in and fix some things in the Field Guide that had been creating some problems. There are still a few more things to work through but at least it looks nicer.

One update I did post is in relation the the Titan II that once stood at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex's Rocket Garden. This booster was assessed following the trio of hurricanes that swept through the Space Coast in 2004. Now, I just told a lie, because what was in the Rocket Garden was not a Titan II, but a Titan I primary stage with a second Titan I upturned and stacked on top. A mockup of a Gemini spacecraft sat on top of that. Even so, it was determined that it was worth preserving. But to do so, it would need to be removed so interior work could be performed. The unstacking went as planned, but when the first stage was lifted a retaining ring sheered due to corrosion. A quick assessment found the booster could be saved, so it was placed in a storage yard at KSC.

In the meantime, the U.S. Air Force had discontinued use of all Titan II ICBMs and placd them in storage in its boneyard near Tuscon, Arizona. Some quick timing by KSC exhibits developer Luis Berrios snagged a complete Titan II before it could make its date with the shredder. This booster is now being prepared to represent one of its sisters, painted as one of the man-rated Titans that lofted the Gemini spacecraft to orbit. When it arrives at KSC, you'll be the first to know!

And the old booster? The one that was damaged? It has now made its way to the Johnson Space Center where it will join their Rocket Park sometime in the future. More pictures can be seen on the Field Guide.

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  1. Glad you keep up with these wonderful relics. Wil Robertson